Täna kümme aastat tagasi pani Anders Behring Breivik toime veretöö ja nõudis endale kuulsat advokaati

TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY PIERRE-HENRY DESHAYES (FILES) A file photo taken on July 22, 2011 shows paramedics and firefighters tending to victims of a bomb blast outside the Norwegian prime minister's office in Oslo. Ordinarily peaceful Norway, known for tolerance and high living standards, was suddenly wrenched out of its serenity that Friday, July 22, 2011, when two deadly attacks from within plunged the nation into horror. At 3:25 pm (1325 GMT), a massive blast shook the capital, jolting the country out of its drowsy, summer stupor. A small rental truck carrying some 950 kilos (432 pounds) of explosives made from fertilizer had exploded at the foot of the prime minister's office building in Oslo's government district. Fortunately, right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik had been held up in a traffic jam and was late in setting off the explosion: many employees had already left their offices, eager to get a head-start on their weekend. AFP PHOTO / SCANPIX NORWAY / BERIT ROALD - NORWAY OUT -


Täna kümme aastat tagasi, 22. juulil 2011 tabas Norrat šokk, kuna paremäärmuslane Anders Behring Breivik pani pärastlõunal kohaliku aja järgi Oslo valitsuse kvartalis plahvatama pommid, kaheksa inimest hukkus ja kümned said vigastada.

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Norra ja Soome meedia kirjutavad, et Breivik oli jätnud pommidega auto valitsushoone juurde ja plahvatuses sai rängalt kannatada peaminister Jens Stoltenbergi kontor. Peaminister ei olnud hetkel seal.

Anders Behring Breivik pani 22. juulil 2011 Olso valitsuse kvartalis pommid plahvatama. Pildil paik pärast plahvatusi