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TÄIELIK MUUTUMINE ⟩ Instastaar kasvatas lopsakad kurvid ja tunneb end paremini kui kunagi varem!

Instastaar kasvatas lopsakad kurvid ja tunneb end paremini kui kunagi varem!
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Instakaunitar. Illustreeriv pilt.
Instakaunitar. Illustreeriv pilt. Foto: Caters News Agency/Scanpix

Iiri instakaunitar Ashley Kehoe jagas uskumatut võrdlust, kuidas väga kõhnast neiust on saanud kurvikas naine. Kaunitari peetakse noortele tüdrukutele heaks eeskujuks.

Dublinist pärit blogija jagas oma üle 90 000 jälgijaga pilti, kus võrdles end praegu ning mõne aasta eest. Naide sõnul ei tunne ta end vanalt fotolt enam hästi äragi!

Ashley Kehoe sõnul oli tal toona alati kehv enesetunne, sest muretses alati oma välimuse pärast. Kõhnumist süvendas stress ning ebatervislik elustiil.

Olles nüüd üle 10 kilo raskem, on tervis ja enesetunne Ashley sõnul palju parem. Instakuulsus peab kõige olulisemaks, et inimesed ei oleks enda vastu liialt karmid.

«Ürita lihtsalt seda keha armastada, millega elad,» julgustas ta. Mitmete fännide sõnul on ta noortele fantastiline eeskuju.

Vaata Ashley totaalset muutumist oma silmaga!

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Before & After ? It’s crazy, I literally do not recognise that girl on the left!! ? I remember exactly what way I was feeling when I took that photo and it was still a girl striving for what she thought was perfection!! I was loosing weight mainly due to stress and an unhealthy lifestyle and truthfully... I liked how it felt becoming smaller and smaller. With that being said, I was still my own worst enemy! Thinking I still had to loose more weight or tone up this area and that! ??‍♀️ Fast forward a couple of years and a lot of growing up, I’ve realising that what size I am literally has no impact on the individual I am! It makes no difference what size dress I wear, it doesn’t make me a better person! I’ve also learned that my body has changed and will continue to change the older I get and I’m completely okay with that journey ☺️ On bad days when I am self critical I remind myself that even when I was at my smallest, I still wasn’t happy with my body! So what’s the point in getting myself down over something so trivial when I could be focusing on ore important things! I do believe that no matter what size or shape you may be.... you are WORTHY!! Right now, at my current weight which is almost 2 stone heavier than the picture on the left, I feel good and I feel healthier which is the most important thing. Just don’t be so hard on yourself if you’re body has gone through change and try to love the skin you’re in ♥️ #BodyPositivity #BodyImage #Healthy #Happy #Curves #Change #SelfLove

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