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Naised, kes painduvad kui kringlid ehk ülevaade maailma kuumimatest joogastaaridest

Austraalia joogataja Rosie Rees.
Austraalia joogataja Rosie Rees. Foto: NATALIE ANN PHOTOGRAPHY @_natali / Caters News Agency

Külmal ja pimedal ajal tuleb meel rõõmus hoida. Seetõttu avaldab Elu24 ülevaate kuumadest joogastaaridest, kes sotsmeedias oma uskumatute kaadritega inimesi hullutavad (ja inspireerivad!).

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Anonüümne joogafanatt, kes postitab sotsmeediasse pilte erinevatest joogapoosidest ning teeb seda eranditult paljalt.


Stressed? I'm an emotional person - I feel stressed very often even about things that don't matter that much. It's frustrating but it's just the way I am... I've learned to accept it and that's already a step forward. Of course I try to control it but maybe you can understand what I mean. What really helps me the most is talking about it and sharing my thoughts. The most important things to keep my emotions in balance are my (morning) yoga routine and having a cup of tea in the evening, a moment just for myself. ❤️ If you feel often stressed, have you figured out what makes you feel better? ? ❤️ Photo taken at the beautiful hillside pool villa @villablueview / @theluxenomad / @lvh_villas #nature #yoga #ocean #villablueview #theluxenomad #luxuryvillasandhomes

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Rootsist pärit Rachel Brathen on Instagramis võrdlemisi populaarne - tema tegemistel hoiab silma peal üle 2 miljoni inimese!


Life takes you where you’re supposed to go. I forget about that, often. So I remind myself. Often. This little app has been that for me for so many years; reminders of things I need to hear. This is why I talk about self-love, or forgiveness, or healing, or letting go. Not because I have it all together but because inside of myself, I tend to fall apart. My whole life is made up by a string of broken things I have tried to make whole. People, mostly. I almost always fail because other people are not ours to fix. Not our parents or our siblings or our spouses or our friends. Not even our children - but we can do everything in our might to keep them whole and safe along the way. Truth is, we can’t fix anyone else. We can only fix ourselves. And when I need that reminder, that the world is not mine to save and that all is well and to trust and to breathe, I write it down and post it here. It’s not just for you, the things I share. It’s also for me. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Instagram became a way for me to speak everything out loud; my fears, my hopes, my dreams. My struggles. I know that much of what I feel, other people feel too. But lately, I’ve been struggling. A lot. I don’t know how to communicate it so I don’t. Sometimes it’s easy, sharing what’s truly real. Right now it isn’t. Maybe I’m tired of sharing. I know I’m tired of judgement. Tired of fixing so many broken things. Or maybe I’m just tired and this is the first vacation I have taken in 6 years and not doing anything is making me weirdly agitated. I’m not sure. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I have a feeling I’m exiting. From what, I don’t know. Toward what, I have no clue. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I know I wish I could stay here, on this dock, by this ocean. Then I remember... It’s the same ocean I have at home. I just never sit by it anymore. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Life takes you where you’re supposed to go. And I’m going home. x⁣ ⁣ #vacation #home #bonaire #bellafontepenthouse405

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Miamist pärit Kino MacGregor on mitmete joogaraamatute autor. Lisaks on ta ka esimese jooga televõrgu OMstarts looja. Tema tegemistel hoiab Instagramis silma peal üle miljoni inimese.


I’m sleepy. And sore. And a bit irritable. It’s 2 am and I feel like I interrupted my sleep by getting up. I’m about to get in the shower and be over to practice just after 3 am. I will never get used to waking up in the middle of night to practice yoga. I could never do this at home. Sometimes just getting on the mat at the lazy hour of 10 am is a struggle at home. But here in India practice is not just poses, but sadhana. This is my time to be fully immersed in the method of Ashtanga Yoga, I including the element of tapas, discipline. _ My teacher always says that there should always be some element of difficulty in every practice. And I agree. Especially when all you have to do is practice and your sole effort is to get on the mat. Give everything. When life is challenging, sometimes it’s enough Tapas to unroll the mat for five minutes and just sit there amidst the chaos and pain. When life is easy, adding an element of challenge to practice can be healthy and good. _ Challenge is not the same the as suffering through pain or injury. Challenge helps you build strength, rise up your perceived limitations and literally stretch your mind. Challenge expands your consciousness and helps you grow at the edges of discomfort. Sometimes I feel like we are afraid of truly challenging ourselves, like we want everything spoon fed to us in neat little packages that make total sense. But in my experience, neither life nor practice is like that. It doesn’t always make sense, and yet, because of that, because of the non-sensual nature of craziness things like getting up in the middle of night, there is wisdom in it. _ My advice to you today—challenge yourself in some way! _ Day 29 of #30dayyogajourney Today is Padmasana with @anamargret on @omstarsofficial Watch today’s practice for a yin breakdown of opening your hips. Even if you’ve fallen off the challenge, you can still join or jump back in!! It’s not over yet ? Sign up here (link in bio too)— https://omstars.com/challenges/30-day-yoga-journey _ #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime Photo by @ifilmyoga ?

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All thoughts are untrue and all thoughts are equally true. _ We tell stories about ourselves, our world and everything around us. We do it with our conscious mind and we do it with subconscious mind. At least we are aware of the conscious stories. These thoughts are obvious, easy to spot and part of the daylight. We can work with them, deconstruct then or give them authority over our lives. But, if nothing else, these thoughts and their network of impact aren’t too hard to deal with. _ Subconscious thoughts are harder to work with. Often programmed at a young age prior to the activation of the prefrontal cortex, or taken on through cultural osmosis, these are the sneaky thoughts that can often create so much suffering. Stories told by the subconscious mind are often held in emotions and imagery, preformed and latent, yet powerful in their ability to create repetitive cycles of suffering. Thoughts that are programmed in the subconscious mind think themselves without any conscious activation or awareness. They carry on, fueled with the raw power of emotions, proliferate and attract similar experiences. Eventually, these manifest as “truths”. _ But, no thought is eternally real. If you don’t believe me, just try and follow your thoughts for one full day. Write them down. Revisit those same thoughts in a year. There’s no doubt that some thoughts that you once held as true will have shifted while others may have hardened, becoming beliefs or dogmas. _ There is much work to be done in the realm of brining subconscious patterning to light, both in the personal and social. It can sometimes be difficult work. Whether you have to face the stories you hold in your heart about grief, casualty, shame, blame, anxiety, self-worth. Or, even harder, if you’re charged with outing a largely held subconscious cultural belief that is systemic. _ What you think isn’t who you are. And yet, thoughts can deeply influence the world. What type of thoughts do you think? _ #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime Photo @ifilmyoga ?

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Caitlin Turner reisib mööda maailma, teeb joogat ning loob sellest kauneid kaadreid Instagrami - just nõnda on temast saanud aja jooksul võrdlemisi populaarne joogastaar. 


Realizing, as I post this, how different my hiking outfits look on Kauai. This would create a scene on Runyon Canyon in LA. ? . I spend so much time worrying about how I look back home (and generally feeling self-conscious). I think twice before going out without my hair and makeup done, and picking out clothing feels genuinely stressful. ? . I tend towards being a bit vain and over-concerned with appearances (it’s something I work on daily), and living in LA, I feel like have to work extra hard love myself no matter what and not get sucked in to the comparison game. It doesn’t always work. ? . I’m starting to wonder if living in such an image-obsessed place really isn’t very good for me. ? . Here on Kauai, I feel confident from the moment I wake up. I rarely even have a thought about how my hair looks or what clothes I’ll wear, and I quit wearing makeup usually by day 3. ??‍♀️ . I wore makeup on my birthday, and I laughed so hard, for so long, that it made me cry and fill my eyes with mascara. It was a reminder that I’d like to laugh endlessly without worrying about my makeup (or experiencing itchy painful eyes). ??? . Priorities here are different. It’s less about how life looks, and more about how life feels... and it feels so right. ?? . I almost moved to Kauai instead of West Hollywood, and now I’m once again questioning my decision making abilities. ??‍♀️ . I probably should have moved here instead, but I just signed a year long lease, so I’ll make the best of it... and come decompress and reprioritize on Kauai as often as I can. ? . ?: @robinnectar

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Sjana Elise Earp on fitness-guru ja joogaekspert, kes on välja töötanud isegi oma joogaprogrammi. Tema tegemistel hoiab Instagramis silma peal 1,6 miljonit inimest.


Every day is a new opportunity for growth and greatness. I’m not waiting until the the new year to become a more evolved version of myself. I’m not waiting until next week or even tomorrow. As humans, we have the capacity to shape and reshape our lives in any given moment. And I plan on exercising my right to do so. I’m breaking down my patterns, i’m creating positive shifts, i’m expanding, transforming, maturing, advancing and adapting. I will shed my limiting beliefs and old habits, creating space for thoughts and behaviours that are going to serve me better. No more excuses. I am the only person who is responsible for developing these changes. And I know that I have the ability to do so. I understand the power of the mind. I know the power of MY mind. I know that change is a choice, and i’m no longer afraid to explore the depths of my own divine consciousness and existence. This is me. And as me, I am free. ✨ #writtenbysjana ?: @laurenrudick

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A twisted but beautiful chaos lives within me. And I accept her ✨

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Kerri Verna on pilatese treener ja joogaõpetaja, kellel on Instagramis miljon jälgijat. 


Ever have a hair disaster? You know how devastating it can be - at least it was for me. As much as I wish I didn’t care about my hair, and oh how I admire women who shave their heads, I found out just how attached to my hair I was when it all broke off. I know I’m not alone in this and although I’m less attached now then I was when this happened, I think it’s okay to love your hair as long as you realize, no one else really cares about your hair but you.??☺️ ⠀ I just wrote a blog sharing my experience and what I’ve changed in the last 3 years to help grow, maintain, and appreciate my hair today. Please share your tricks, techniques, and favorite hair care products in the comments! ⠀ Link in bio? beachyogagirl.com ⠀ #hair #haircare #hairjourney #yogahair

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Dee Elnajjar nimetab end maailmaränduriks, kes peale joogatamise armastab ka mägironimist ja jalgrattasõitu. Deemoi jälgijaid Instagramis on ligi 60 tuhat.


Sentiments without actions are the destruction of our soul... #domore #dothework

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I’m not rude, I’m raw... #liveandletlive

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SO FUCKING WHAT?! . I love the human body. I love all of its shapes and sizes. I love women and I love men. I think the human body is stunning. Beneath the layer of flesh is an infrastructure that only God could have created. My job is anatomy, my passion is movement and my self expression is nude photos, amongst other forms of expression. I am personally not sexualising myself, I am simply revelling in the fact that I feel sexy and I love how that makes me feel. If you wish to sexualise me because of my nude photos, then go ahead and have a field day. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest! My Instagram page makes me feel confident and good. Why should that be shunned and judged? Would it be more appropriate if my Instagram page made me feel worthless and bad? To each his own you know? Live and let live. We are all on some journey or other and we must all focus on our path and do whatever we need to do to honour what we need to honour about ourselves and our self limiting beliefs. One day some day I might start taking pictures of food and my children, but for now, I’ll stick to my ass, and it feels fucking fine!...#dothework

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