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Pildid: Instagrami tsensorid võtsid seksika vanaema pildi maha

Maailma seksikaim vanaema Gina Stewart 2018.

FOTO: / Caters News Agency

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Maailma seksikamaks vanaemaks valitud 48-aastane Gina Stewart tegi Instagrami maha, sest tema kontolt eemaldati paljas pilt, millega naine oma heategevuslikku kalendrit promos.

Blond Austraalia sekspomm annetab osa oma heategevusliku kalendri «Almost Naked» tulust rinnavähi uurimise fondile, kuna naise ema võitles pikalt raske haigusega.

Seepärast oli naine šokeeritud, kui nägi, et üks tema mahlakatest kalendripiltidest Instagramist eemaldatud oli. Instagram põhjendas pildi eemaldamist sellega, et pilt rikkus suhtlusvõrgustiku eeskirju.

Instagram eemaldas juba teist korda vanaema kontolt pildi - esimest korda tehti seda samal põhjusel oktoobris. 

Maailma seksikaima vanaema Gina Stewarti pilt, mis eemaldati Instagramist.

FOTO: / Caters News Agency

«Ma postitan töödeldud versiooni sellest pildist täna, mis Instagrami jaoks tundus liiga seksikas nign mis eemaldati peale 5 tuhande meeldimise ja sadade kommentaaride kogumise,» kirjutas naine teisel ringil.


❤️I am reposting this photo tonight , an edited version as it was deemed too sexy for Instagram yesterday and was banned after 5,000 likes and hundreds of comments . The photo was glamorous and complied with the guidelines . Yesterday I wrote about the reasons Behind my 2019 digital Calendar 🚀 launch “Almost Naked “ and Said I will be donating to a cause that I am passionate about , The Breast Cancer Research Foundation particularly because of my mother’s battle with cancer recently. Thanking all of my followers for supporting me yesterday , all of your beautiful comments and buying my calendar so I can donate to this cause. Unfortunately all your comments were lost due to the post being banned as you know sadly by Instagram. All I can say is Instagram have a heart ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ So many women lose their breasts each year worldwide due to cancer, breasts are part of a woman’s femininity and a beautiful part of nature. Woman’s bodies are beautiful and not to be ashamed of . Paying it forward in love ❤️I hope that in the near future a breakthrough in cancer research will see the end to breast cancer and save women, mothers lives etc . Women are precious beautiful creatures 🌲❤️Much love Gina ❤️🌲

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