TOP 20: vaata, kes on kuumimad naissportlased tänavusel taliolümpial

Vahur Joa
, Reporter
Juhime tähelepanu, et artikkel on rohkem kui viis aastat vana ning kuulub meie arhiivi. Ajakirjandusväljaanne ei uuenda arhiivide sisu, seega võib olla vajalik tutvuda ka uuemate allikatega.
Norra lumelaudur Silje Norendal
Norra lumelaudur Silje Norendal Foto: Kuvatõmmis Instagramist

 Tänavused taliolümpiamängud Pyeongyangis ongi käes. Koostamie sel puhul edetabeli seksikaimatest naissportlastest seal mängudel. 

20. Torah Bright, Austraalia, lumelaudur


Waiting for the sunshine ☀️

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19. Greta Laurent, Itaalia, murdmaasuusatamine

18. Justine Braisaz, Prantsusmaa, kahevõistlus

Justine Braisaz
Justine Braisaz Foto: Kuvatõmmis Facebookist

17. Anna Gasser, Austria, lumelaudur

16. Rowan Cheshire, Suurbritannia, vabastiilis suusatamine

15. Giada Russo, Itaalia, iluuisutamine



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14. Chloe Kim, USA, lumelaudur


Made it to Aspen, boutta get Xtreme

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13. Penny Coomes, Suurbritannia, iluuisutamine

12. Sofia Goggia, Itaalia, mäesuusatamine


@cortinaclassic here we are.. Fired up! : @chiaramirelli

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11. Madison Chock, USA, iluuisutamine

10. Nadja Purtschert, Šveits, lumelaudur


My favorite color. #sunset #summer #lakenights

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9. Alexa Scimeca Knierim, USA, iluuisutamine


It was only a matter of time before I got my hands on Pearl! @nbcolympics

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8. Silje Norendal, Norra, lumelaudur


The snow keeps falling down here in Switzerland ❄️❄️ #Laax

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7. Jessie Diggins, USA, murmaasuusataja

6. Spencer O'Brien, Kanada, lumelaudur


Drunk on pow. ❄️

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5. Jamie Anderson, USA, lumelaudur

4. Rosalind Groenewoud, Kanada, vabastiilis suusatamine


I’M GOING TO MY 2ND OLYMPICS!!! I managed to slide into the team in the last spot based on my results from last yearI appreciate the opposing symmetry of my two Olympic qualifications—I was actually the 1st to achieve an early nomination to the Sochi Games. I have been reflecting a lot on the differences of both preparation experiences. In the 4 years leading up to 2014, I was on the vast majority of podiums, and though I didn’t appreciate it at the time, I was pretty healthy and athletically successful. By comparison, in the past 4ish years I have had: arthroscopic surgeries on both knees for torn lateral menisci, an almost life-threatening heart condition, a brain/neck injury that resulted in a chronic pain condition, a blown ACL/MCL/LCL kneesplosion, a bout of mono, and most recently, a broken humerus. It has been a heart-wrenching fight to get back to the Games. I’ve had to put myself back together a few times, but, I think I managed to improve the construction. I’m going into these Games happier, more full of gratitude and appreciation, and with my heart more open. It’s always darkest before the dawn. I have 4 weeks until my event to get my body working optimally, my confidence back, my tricks stomped, and to put together a run I’m proud of to represent Canada. Let’s do thisThank you so so so much to everyone that helped me get here and believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself @paulisfairinloveandwar #LeoG @shannemm @lg_life @kaya @adriennedl @damienmoroney @jennydelich1 @mollyohbrien @wasalicious @maggiephillipsscarlett @trennonpaynter @mcdonellmarc @naulty_by_nature, and the rest of the @freestylecanadaski support/medical staff. And thank you to my sponsors for standing by me @mec @coalitionsnow @bernunlimited

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3. Tessa Virtue, Kanada, iluuisutamine


Check out my story to see some of yesterday’s adventures! Exciting things to come

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2. Julia Dujmovits, Austria, lumelaudur


Train hard. Eat clean. Rest well. Repeat. #roadtopyeongchang2018

A post shared by Julia Dujmovits (@juliadujmovits) on

1. Lindsey Vonn, USA, mäesuusataja



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