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Tamara Ecclestone: imetan oma last seni kuni ta tissi otsa tahab!

FOTO: Instagram/Tamara Ecclestone

F1 bossi Bernie Ecclestone'i tütar Tamara on võtnud sõna kuumal imetamise teemal!

Tamara, kes on emaks 2,5 aastasele Sophiale, on imetamise fänn ning ei häbene sellest ka sotsialameedias pilte jagada.

Hiljutises intervjuus The Sun'ile lausus Tamara, et kavatseb oma tütart imetada seni kuni laps ise tissi otsa tahab. Tema jaoks on kummaline, et täna, mil peetakse normaalseks äärmiselt nappi rõivastust, on imetamine kellegi jaoks veel ebaloomulik tegevus. «Inimeste prioriteedid on paigast ära,» sõnab Tamara.

Samuti peab Tamara loomulikuks kiindumussuhet oma lapsega (attachment parenting) ning tunnistab, et Sophia magab siiani tema ja ta abikaasa Jay voodis. «Kas on võimalik oma last liiga palju armastada? Muidugi mitte!» on Tamara kindel.

Loe pikemat intevrjuud Tamaraga siit.

Just finished reading a rather bitchy article courtesy of @helenkirwantaylor at @femail - there is something very wrong with women that tear each other down instead of building each other up especially when it comes to something as important a subject as breastfeeding. We should all be encouraging those that do want to breast feed and making it easier for them. I personally am very proud of the fact that I feed my two year old daughter on demand and will do so for as long as she wants to, its a decision only she can make when she is ready to wean. In the mean time I feel very comfortable with the fact that I am meeting all her needs and she is a very secure little girl as a result. We should all raise our children how we feel as mothers is best whether that be to breast feed bottle feed co sleep put your baby in a cot. I am sure we all have opinions on these matters as I have learned when it comes to raising your child everyone seems to have an opinion. But what I will never understand is pointless articles designed to take away from mums that are doing an amazing job nurturing and breast feeding their babies. Sadly when I scroll through my Instagram feed I see mainly pouts and bikini pics and a lot more breast then shown when a mum is feeding her baby there has to be something wrong with that. Fortunately I will never ever be ashamed to feed my daughter wherever and whenever she is hungry or needs comfort but it's such a shame for other mums that are perhaps less secure in doing so. A lady approached me on holiday and told me she was wished she was comfortable enough to feed her baby by the pool it made me so sad to hear that. It is the most natural thing in the world and articles like today's are not only unhelpful they are catty and unnecessary. As for the pictures in question two of the three were taken by my husband not by someone on the payroll as suggested my posting them has nothing at all to do with showing off and everything to do with posting an image that I like and am proud of and to me is beautiful. Not sure what I am meant to be showing off its certainly not my less than perfect boobs after two year of breastfeeding and going strong.

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