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Uhh! Paljas Porgand näitab eriti trimmis tagumikku

Paljas Porgand

FOTO: Instagram

Seltskonnatäht ja blogija Paljas Porgand ehk Merilin Taimre postitas Instagrami foto, millel demonstreerib oma võimsaid tuharaid. «Ma ei ole täiuslik ja ei hakka seda ka kunagi olema,» teatab ta pildi all. 


Oh, boy, gotta be honest with you! I'm also not there yet. I'm not perfect and I never will be. I'm not someone you should be looking up to or wish you could be. I'm just a regular girl, fighting my own struggles every day. Most of the days yes - I'm happy, motivated and always pushing forward. Other days I might suddenly feel down and for a second fall into negative self talk, telling myself I'm not good enough or don't deserve something. But what's changed in my mindset during my spiritual path? I can finally notice when that happens and I force myself to stop. I take some time off and open up my heart again. No, not to the outside, but to myself. I open up my heart to self love telling myself I am worthy, I am not defined by my looks and I do love myself unconditionally. I remember all the good I've done to myself and others and just like that, I find myself back on track. So when you see that fierce girl heading always forward and you wish you could be her, then stop right there! Noone else is better than you. They might just know how to fight their own battles. So instead of opening your heart to the outer world, open it up to yourself. Cause true love resides within. Wearing @adidaswomen new look (available instore) #adidasWomen #giftedbyadidas #adidasambassador #adidas #adidastraining #myfitnessjourney #fitgirl #girlswholift #squatbooty #peachbum #selflove #negativeselftalk #stopnegativity #loveyourself #honoryourself #socialmediainfluencer #loveyourselffirst #spiritualawakening #spiritualgrowth #myspiritualjourney

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